Saturday, May 19, 2007

Parker v. D.C.

As most of you know, The Federal Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia recently struck down the District of Columbia's complete ban on handguns. In more recent news, the Court declined to hear the case en banc, meaning that the next step of appeal is the United States Supreme Court, should the District of Columbia choose to appeal again.

The Brady Campaign, which repeatedly stresses that they do not want to disarm America, but only to enact "sensible gun laws," is livid over this judicial decision; they have used their website to attack the Federal Appeals Court. If it is true that the Brady Campaign only wants to enact "sensible" gun laws, it is a wonder why they are so concerned about precedent that merely says law abiding citizens have the right to own handguns.

Perhaps the Brady Campaign has been disengenous as to their true motives.

PS - I have been unable to update the sites for several weeks because I have recently graduated law school and I am in the process of moving. I am, however, working on something very big, which I should hopefully have up within the next few weeks.