Thursday, March 15, 2007

Washington Post Article

Washington Post Article

The argument here is illogical and deceptive. They purport to address the DC handgun ban that was recently struck down, and then immediately change the topic to laws in Virginia and Maryland. The DC handgun ban dates back to 1976, and thus has nothing to do with a peak in juvenile murder in 1995.

What is worth noting is that violent crime in DC decreased in the five years prior to the 1976 handgun ban, and increased in the five years subsequent to the ban. DC has the most restrictive gun control in the nation, and is consequently the most dangerous city in America. The gun ban did criminals a favor by insuring that victims will be disarmed, even in their own homes. As seen in DC, criminals intent on committing murder, rape, assault, or burglary are unconcerned with secondary gun control regulations.

The peak in juvenile murder in 1995 is more likely related to a peak in total violent crime nationwide around that time. Since 1993 violent crime has nationwide has been decreasing, and is now at a 30-year-low. Crime in DC has decreased with the rest of the nation, but still remains much higher than most other places in the country because of the absolute inability of citizens to effectively protect themselves.

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