Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Brady's Survey

Below are the questions from the survey questions and Brady's propaganda. Below each question are my criticisms. Please take the time to read this and take the survey.

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1. Since the expiration of the federal Assault Weapons Ban two years ago, there has been a significant rise in violent crime and homicides.

How strongly do you agree with this statement: Passing an assault weapons ban must be one of the top domestic safety priorities of the 110th Congress.

FBI statistics show that "assault weapons" are used in less than 2% of gun crimes; they simply are not the preferred gun of criminals. Criminals use what is readily available to them, they do not go out and spend $1000 on a gun that they can't conceal and probably don't know how to operate.

Ten months after the last Assault Weapon Ban lapsed in 2004, violent crime had dropped 3.6%.

What the Brady Campaign is trying to do is ban guns based on arbitrary criteria. "Assault Weapons" are no more powerful, deadly, or dangerous than other guns. Previously, they were defined by non-functional features such as a pistol grip, a folding stock, or a bayonet lug. When was the last time you read about someone being killed with a bayonet?

2. Four in ten guns are sold by unlicensed dealers with absolutely no background check, most at thousands of gun shows held across the country.

How strongly do you agree with this statement: A Brady background check must be conducted on every gun sold in this country, no exceptions.

There is no such thing as an "unlicensed dealer." If you aren't licensed, you aren't a dealer. What the Brady Campaign is seeking to do is prevent transactions between private citizens.

Currently, there are criminal and civil penalties for providing firearms to felons, or to anyone underage. Beacuse criminal records are public documents that are easily accessible over the internet, all private citizens can easily comply. If they don't, they are breaking the law. This additional regulation has nothing to do with added security, but rather is designed to be yet another impediment to gun enthusiasts.

3. States that prohibit multiple firearms sales have shown to lower the percentage of guns that are traced to violent crime.

How strongly do you agree with this statement: There is no legitimate reason for a responsible gun owner to buy 10, 20, even 100 guns at a time.

This is a direct misrepresentation. The Brady Campaign supports a "one gun per month" restriction, not a "less than 10 guns per transaction" restriction. While you may never be wealthy enough to purchase 10 guns at once, you may have 2 sons who both want a hunting rifle for Christmas. The Brady Campaign thinks that should be illegal.

4. Using crime gun trace data, law enforcement can identify the 1% of gun dealers who supply nearly 60% of crime guns. Even with hundreds of violations, most of these rogue gun dealers remain open for business because of restrictions Congress and the Bush Administration have placed on ATF's ability to inspect them and revoke their licenses.

How strongly do you agree with this statement: Congress must strengthen ATF and law enforcement's power to shut down corrupt gun dealers who supply the criminal gun market.

The Brady Campaign has repeatedly sought trace data for one reason: so that they can sue gun retailers into bankruptcy. Trace data is not evidence of a crime, it is evidence of a firearms transaction. Because the Brady Campaign's efforts in the legislature have failed, they are looking for a back door to ban guns in America.

Moreover, by making it easier to "inspect" gun retailers, what the Brady Campaign really means to do is revoke the constitutional rights of American citizens. The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution protects you and I, and gun retailers, from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government. The Brady Campaign apparently doesn't think that is worth preserving.

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