Monday, March 19, 2007

Brady on Parker v. DC

Brady on Parker v. DC

Considering the fact that the Brady Campaign repeatedly stresses that they are not "anti-gun" and that they only support "sensible" gun regulation, it is a wonder why they are rabid over the Parker v. DC decision.

This decision overturned a DC law that bans all handguns, even those kept in the homes of upstanding citizens. It also requires all shotguns and rifles to be disassembled or otherwise rendered inoperable. It seems the Brady Campaign thinks it is "sensible" to completely deny people the ability to defend themselves with a gun, even in their own home.

Moreover, the DC decision is criticized by the Brady Campaign as being "judicial activism at its worst." They explain that the decision is radical because it interpretes the Second Amendment as an individual right. You might ask yourself why an organization that claims not to be "anti-gun" is so interested in ensuring that individuals have no right to own a gun.

You can read about their outrage in two articles:
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